Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Notes to Casanova and Don Juan

* Does this still hold, even in Tournier's native Europe? Though I know the name of Don Juan still has currency, it's hard to imagine adolescent American teenage males, as they adjust their backwards baseball caps and sing along to their Nickelback MP3s, thinking of themselves as Don Juans.

** Am I wrong to think that, however illogical this might be, Casanova would be slightly easier to defend (or enjoy without guilt) were there a female Casanova as well? I realize that 1) Casanova truly was singular, and that imagining another, of any gender, is a silly exercise, and 2) the lack of a female Casanova is in a sense, the point; that life was an option for a man, not for a woman. Maybe the Empress Theodora could be our admittedly inadequate stand-in?

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